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Farewell Giancarlo Zagni, one of the great Italian film director


Giancarlo Zagni died Thursday, March 21 at the Nomentana Hospital. On Friday morning, March 22, from 8 am to 13:30 will be open to the funeral home, then at 14.30 the funeral will be held at the Jewish cemetery of Prima Porta. Born in Bologna on November 4, 1926, Zagni was a famous Italian film director and screenwriter. It is taken away from an incurable disease in less than one month. Giancarlo Zagni lived in Molette street. Had contributed to the blossoming of a series of cultural events in Mentana that now seem only a distant memory. Symbolic and significant historical re-enactment of Charles the Great in 1995. In practice, a parade with two parades in period costume, the Carolingian Empire and that of the pope, that moving from the two opposite ends of Mentana being in the city center, recalling the historic meeting. Long and satisfying his career between film and theater. He started as an assistant director Luchino Visconti Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, The landlady of Carlo Goldoni, Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov, Euripides’ Medea, The Seducer Fabbri. Always with Luchino Visconti, was assistant director for the film direction. In 1954 stops working with Visconti, left Italy in 1955 and in New York is admitted at the Actor’s Studio with Lee Strasberg. In 1956 he moved to Mexico where he is the founder and teacher for three years at the Faculty of the National Autonomous University of Mexico Cinema. In 1961 he returned to Italy, adapted from the novel by Elio Bartolini to direct the film The beauty of Ippolita with Gina Lollobrigida and Enrico Maria Salerno, a film that represents Italy at the Berlin Film Festival. In 1966 he won the plate “Lion of San Marco” at the Venice Film Festival with the film Head turnip with Folco Lulli and Gigliola Cinquetti for his direction. (Some information is taken from wikipedia)



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